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01:43am 12/10/2004
mood: can you say...BLEH?
Just wondering as a post to anyone who wants to answer...but what you see in the mirror isnt truly you, correct? Just an image.And all the human body is, is an image for the soul.These are the vessels meant to carry ourselves.So what we view as our body, is truly a vessel for our soul.So does the way our body look therfore inturn represent our soul as well? I don't think it does, but I would LOVE to hear someone's opinion on this.
~Mrs. Cheek~
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03:21am 02/10/2004
mood: look at the gay ass rainbow...
I actually find this to be quite ironic, for the mirror in mind, is that what you see and think of yourself when you look at a mirror, or is it what you wish to see.So in your mind may be one idea of how you interpret oneself, but in the other hand their is the image of what you look like in a mirror staring back at you.So what if these to concepts are completely different?What does one do if when they look in the mirror they see one thing, but when they search within themselves they see another?I also have a few ironies in which I also find the name of my wonderful husbands community.I also want to mention that the image you see in the mirror is also larger than things appear, there is always going to be an imperfection and no matter how you try, you are always going to be opposite.I also find this ironic, becuase everytime you see yourself in a mirror you actually arent seeing an image of yourself the way other people view you...Funny isnt it...You actually do not see yourself how other people do.The image is a "mirrior image" therefore everything is translated in the opposite so you are looking at somehting that only you see yourself.Irony is everywhere...funny, so how you see yourself in the mirror isnt how other people see you at all.They actually see the you that you can't see...Because they are looking at you...and you are only looking at an image of what is you.So what if the image is what you want to see or what if it isnt...I believe this truly doesnt matter, because in all walks of life, nothing stays this way forever.And if it does, it was meant to be that way, and so you should never try to change that.The nature in which all things works should be left alone and not toyed with, for things that cannot be helped...shouldnt.
12:23am 02/10/2004
  Once seen, let this only be one more reflection for how you really are feeling about yourselves.  
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01:18am 01/10/2004
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